Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Technique Tuesday - Static Cling and Vinyl

Denise said....
 Has anyone tried adhesive vinyl on static cling vinyl??  I read one post on Cricut that said it didn't work... but your email today mentioned "cling window decorations" - I'd love to learn more!  I'm excited you are developing this blog!!

Well, we have good news! Vinyl works beautifully with Static Cling. In fact, if you're not careful, it's very hard to reposition a piece of vinyl with your piece of Static Cling after you have placed it. Lastly, it is definitely re-usable. Celebrate with vinyl-ed static cling and reuse another day! All you have to do is cut a SHADOW of your vinyl's shape using Static Cling and adhere the vinyl to the SC for a fun, reusable decoration! We made the project below using Cricut Basketball Solutions Cartridge. Excited to get started? Buy your OMC Static Cling HERE!

 We Made It With Vinyl!

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