Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vinyl + Walls = Endless Possibilities

Ever wonder how Aunt Suzie applied all that Vinyl to each wall? It's aligned, it's un-torn, bubble-free....how does she do it? Sandy and Whitney took some to time to teach us quite a few tricks for our Technique Tuesday. Check it out!

They made it with Vinyl!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Transfer Tape Winners!

Winners for our latest contest are below - take a look at all the wonderful stories shared under our Comments! Thanks to all who participated and were willing to share. Winners please e-mail your shipping information to omcvinyl@gmail.com!

The one story I remember the best is my mom told us not to bring extra food over because she had made enough for everybody. I said ok and passed along the word! We started to eat, and I kept thinking, Man, she sure doesn't have much here, I should have made a salad or something. We were just about done eating and all of a sudden she jumps up and says, "Why didn't you remind me to get the beans out of the microwave", and " buns and ribs out of the oven"!!!!! I mean, come on... I didn't even know they were there..LOL.. she felt really stupid after that, and forgot she made apple pie too cause she was too embarrest. OH well. we got it and we ended up being really full.. 

Well when I was learning to drive my mom was with me. I had a 1981 Chevy Chevette - no power anything..... My mom told me that I had to have the oil changed before we could do anything else.
So she made me drive to the oil change place to have the oil changed, yes you know those ones you drive over the little hole in the ground...
Well my mom was telling me one thing, the guy was telling me to turn the other way and I just couldn't get it to turn quick enough. Oh, yes you guessed it. I DROVE RIGHT INTO THE PIT.
I was sobbing uncontrollably - my mom was laughing hysterically. My mom while still laughing was a little concerned about how they were going to get the car out of the pit. The guy directing me told the guys – yep we have another newbie here. Need to a pullout. (What?) I looked at my mom and the 3 guys picked up the front end of the car moved it over about 2 feet and then proceeded to do the oil change.

My mom still laughing, me still crying – told her “I’m never driving that again”. She looked at me and said, “Well, I guess you’ll be walking the rest of your life”. She gave me a vote of confident to get back in the car drive, again.

Thanks for the chance to win. I love my mom and am thankful for her!!! 

Kelly said...
Not a Mother's day story per se but one of those fun moments in mothering.
I re-posted a saying a few days ago on FB that I thought was very thought provoking. It was what if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today. I shared this with my son over lunch and I said, "Doesn't that make you think?" His response, "I'd have a lot of food". lol! Truly the way to a teenage boy's heart IS through his stomach!
Thanks for your great store, web site, and blog!

Crystal said...
My hubs works out of town all the time. So if he's home on holidays its a treat. He makes it the best possible even when he can't be here. This year on Mother's Day, (of course he wasnt home)every time he called he yelled "Happy Mother's Day". After about the 5th call I asked him was he going to keep doing that and he said its Mother's Day all day isnt it. I just laughed..... I love that man!!!!! 

karizc said...
I guess my story really isn't funny but the year before I became a mom(through the wonder of adoption!!), my husband and I were planting flowers. I had taken a flat of flowers out of the back of the truck, started walking backward, tripped over a flower pot, fell - flowers went flying and I went down. Off to the ER we went. I had a broken shoulder!! Luckily this happened on the Mother's Day before I was a mom - I couldn't imagine having a broken shoulder and a baby!! This year we were looking at flowers but my 8 year old said that we couldn't get any because she didn't want me to break my shoulder again!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Technique Tuesday - Static Cling and Vinyl

Denise said....
 Has anyone tried adhesive vinyl on static cling vinyl??  I read one post on Cricut that said it didn't work... but your email today mentioned "cling window decorations" - I'd love to learn more!  I'm excited you are developing this blog!!

Well, we have good news! Vinyl works beautifully with Static Cling. In fact, if you're not careful, it's very hard to reposition a piece of vinyl with your piece of Static Cling after you have placed it. Lastly, it is definitely re-usable. Celebrate with vinyl-ed static cling and reuse another day! All you have to do is cut a SHADOW of your vinyl's shape using Static Cling and adhere the vinyl to the SC for a fun, reusable decoration! We made the project below using Cricut Basketball Solutions Cartridge. Excited to get started? Buy your OMC Static Cling HERE!

 We Made It With Vinyl!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day Reminiscing

Dear Vinyl Lover's -

We know each and every one of us have funny stories around the Holidays, and Mother's usually have carte blanche on wonderful stories! Well, we can't just have these fabulous tales lying around untold, so let's have a contest, shall we? Post your favorite, most comical Motherly story below! We will select 5 winners to receive FREE TRANSFER TAPE! Contest ends Wednesday, May 18 at Midnight MST.

Happy Vinyl-ing!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bring On The Projects!

This just in! Glass Etching with VINYL! New to Vinyl - don't you worry. We have step-by-step instructions including your list of needs! Never Etched using Vinyl before? Add this technique to your plethora of skills!

Glass Etching
Designed by OMC designer Whitney

·        Vinyl and Transfer Tape (buy it at Oh My Crafts by the sheet or the roll) 
·        Armour Etch Glass Cream and paintbrush (Buy it at Oh My Crafts)
·        Glass  (Glass Coaster, Pyrex Dish, Vase, Trifle Bowl, Wine Glasses, etc… the possibilities are endless)

1.      Cut the image you would like to use as a stencil with any craft cutter.  This image is “Kiss” from Cricut’s Tie the Knot cartridge cut at 2” and low pressure.  

2.      Peel away the shapes leaving the negative space in one piece.

3.      Apply the sticky side of the transfer tape to the front of the vinyl.

4.      Peel away vinyl backing.

5.      Place vinyl on glass surface, press down firmly and take off transfer tape.

Tip: Make sure there are no bubbles around the opening of the images; however, bubbles in the solid part of the vinyl do not matter.

6.      Clean the exposed part of the glass then apply a thick layer of etching cream.  Let the cream sit for about ten minutes.

7.      Rinse cream completely off with water and take off the vinyl.  Clean the glass and you’re done! 

Behind the glass is Kanban Crafts Mirror Paper.  This is a great way to make the etching really stand out! 

We Made It With Vinyl!

Vinyl Machine Settings

Jodie said...
Help! I've ruined probably a whole roll of vinyl trying to make the Subway Art for my Kitchenaid mixer. I practice on a sheet of paper first but I just can't seem to get it right. It either cuts all the way through to the mat, shreds the vinyl and I can't weed it because the vinyl doesn't seem to stick well to its backing. It's vinyl from Hobby Lobby. Kind of new to the whole "vinyl cutting" thing. I love it though.

Many of us have had this issue or something similar, especially when you're just starting out! Today's Tuesday Technique will include Settings information that apply to virtually all craft cutting machines you may use to cut Vinyl (Cricut, Silhouette, Eclips, etc).

1) Ensure your cutting mat is tacky enough. If your mat is not hanging on to back side of your vinyl, it will catch and scratch and cause all kinds of trouble!

2) Set your machine's PRESSURE setting on a low to medium setting. Try the lowest setting first, then see how it goes from there. If the blade doesn't cut through at least the vinyl, keep trying! Gradually increase your pressure setting until you find the right setting that will cut through the vinyl, but not through the backing.

3) Speed does play a factor. If you have thick vinyl, you may want to slow the cutting speed to give the blade ample time for a clean cut.

4) Does your blade need replacing? A dull blade will definitely keep you from achieving optimal results.

5) Remember not all Vinyl are equal! Some are thicker and harder to cut through, and others will fall apart no matter what settings you use due to the quality. We suggest buying a few different brands to see what works best on your machine and for the projects you are looking to make. Oh My Crafts carries Oracal Vinyl (the same brand sold by ProvoCraft/Cricut), which is a high quality, beautiful colored Vinyl that is perfect for around-the-house decorating!

Try it with Vinyl!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vinyl and Alcohol Ink - Made For Eachother!

Here we have Part One of our Technique Tuesdays! Our first comment on "What Do You Wanna Know"?, Sarah, wanted a refresher on Inking. The beauty of inking is that it absolutely applies to vinyl, and can give you a completely unique look! For more instruction on how to utilize this method properly, see Sandy in the video below!

Try it with Vinyl!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vinyl Blog Post Winners!

Happy Monday Vinyl Lovers!

Here are the 8 winners selected randomly from our last Blog Contest! Congratulations on winning a wonderful surprise from OMC! Please e-mail contest@ohmycrafts.com with your shipping information to claim your prize!

jasper said... I have been using vinyl on 12X12 Ceramic Floor Tiles...make wonderful gifts. Wish I knew how to attach a photo here to show them to you!

CLM-cindylu2u said...
I love all the fabulous colors and the differnt buying options, makes it soo easy to choose what you want!! Just finished decorating huge easter eggs with vinyl, they were so cute!!

Amber S said...
Well, I love it for home decor obviously! It is so easy to create seasonal decorations that remove easily. It is also great for cutting intricate designs for cards and other crafts because the adhesive is already attached! Love that. Plus, the colors and prices are great too!

Sonya said...
I love your color selection! I LOVE the quality of your vinyl! I had to use a different brand because I ran out of yours in the middle of a project and was on a deadline! I was cursing that other brand the whole time! I even told my daughter not to use it--to use only OMC brand! Thanks!

Karenduch said...
I decorate wine bottles and vases with the vinyl and have made signs for the dishwasher and my daughters door...

Wow, glad to find this blog, haven't used my vinyl enough, but with your great demos, think I will be doing alot more.. thanks for the great posts,


Crystal said...
I love that I can make personalized car decals. My family doesn't have ordinary names and we can't find pre-made "anything". Now, I cam make them using vinyl.

Dac said...
I just used vinyl for the first time last week. I love it's versatility! Can't wait to learn more from this "I made it with vinyl" blog!! OMC ROCKS! 

Hooray for Vinyl!