Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Beauty of Transfer Tape

Do you ever feel like you are more experienced at making a list of projects than actual project making? You are not alone! There is nothing wrong in starting with the basics, and we are going to trudge right along with you.

Introducing the one and only Transfer Tape. If you are doing lettering, layering, or even placing your first SpongeBob on your son's wall, this stuff is a must have!

Here are the basic steps for using Transfer Tape to help you place a vinyl project on a flat surface:

1. Cut whichever shapes or letters you are wanting for your project with a capable machine. We used the Cricut Expression and the Cricut Cartridge Plantin Schoolbook that is included.

2. Remove excess vinyl from your project to make things easier to see and work with. We used a Cricut Dental Pick from a Cricut Tool Kit to help remove the extra vinyl.

3. Cut a piece of Transfer Tape that has a similar surface area to the project you are wanting to remove.

4. Use a tool to help adhere the transfer tape to the FRONT of your project. We used a squeegee from the Cricut Tool Kit. You will notice the color shows through a bit more on the project once you have used enough pressure.

5. Slowly peel the project from the vinyl backing. Help it along with your finger or a tool if you need to, to make sure you do not rip the project.

6. Adhere your project to the selected surface. Be sure that each part of your project is sticking to the wall - you can even use a squeegee for good measure!

7. Slowly peel the Transfer Tape away from your project and VOILA!

For more instruction on Transfer Tape and its uses, check out this video with Oh My Crafts owner, Sandy!

We made it with Vinyl!


  1. I'm not sure where to make the comment for the contest so I'll leave it here. I love all the colors of the vinyl. I'm using my Cricut to cut some chandeliers and are putting them on the doors of my repurposed armoire. The armoire is black. I'm not sure what color. Red maybe. I can always change the design if I don't like the color.

  2. i am so glad i stop in your blog today and saw that you had this site just for vinyl.

    i started paper crafting one year ago this month and still have not tried vinyl yet. i want...thanks for sharing...i will be back

    .why do you enable us so lol?


    please excuse my non my post i am too lazy too use caps, etc....